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The Power Of A Genie At Your Fingertips

The ultimate beauty service industry platform for both service providers and clients.

The fact of the matter is that most people still find service providers by word of mouth, and even then there is not one place for everything you need to do or everywhere you are, also while sharing and learning new tips, and trends.

The beauty service industry which includes the cosmetology, aesthetician, and massage therapy is an everyday, and every person uses it type of services.  It’s a repeat service model. However there are major gaps in current software platforms, as well as educational platforms, and community driven platforms dedicated to the industry. 


Intuitive Features For Both

Service Providers and Clients

Something for everyone.

Services On-Demand!

Find a genie when you need them.  Just like the other apps that you like and use everyday such as Uber. If you need something done quick, then this is the app.  Nails for the night, pop up business meeting, or just visiting a new place for a short time.

Also, If you are an artist or tech and need some extra cash, no problem. Set yourself up as a Genie, and grant some wishes. Take the jobs that you want, when you want, and see the clients rating before you take the gig.

Plus All This...

Search By Service

Search by service, ratting, availability, or price.  Hair, nails, waxing, makeup, or massage.

Near Me Genies

Find the service you want near you with just a tap of your finger.

In App Booking

Convenient and fast in app booking.  Even use reacquiring booking to secure times months in advance.

Email Marketing

Email and SMS marketing.

Campaigns, Announcements, and Notices.

Chat With Clients

Stay in contact with clients.

Chat in real time.


Keep all of your clients' information in one place.

Track Sales

Track and run reports for sales, leads, inventory, and more.

Rating & Reviews

Better rating means more clients.

Read reviews from other clients.

Singable Forms

Have the ability to create, send, and sign consent & waiver forms, or even surveys.

Loyalty Rewards

The more you book with CosmetoloGenie the more you save.

Online Support

Our detected team is ready 24/7 to help make your wish come true.

Secure Payments

Take or make payments fast and securely right from the app.

Coming Soon

Social Groups

Follow friends and stylists you like. Get recommendations, and learn about local trends in groups.

How To Videos

Want to learn how to recreate the latest trend?

Want to learn more effective marketing?

Inventory Control

Keep track of what's coming in and what's going out.

Track profits.

Gig Board

Bid on wedding, events, and other jobs that clients post.


Post your job, like a wedding to find amazing artists and stylists to help.

Hire Help

Find the top talent around.

Go work for the salons and spas that work for you.

Learn How To Help Fund The Development Of The CosmetoloGenie Platform.

Help fund us directly.

For those who help fund our project directly, we will email you an ebook copy of "The More Money Makeover" written by Sam.

If you donate $50 or more we will send you the paperback copy as well.

If you want more clients then check out this book for FREE!


We've Come a Long Way

A little about the founders.


Not so long ago, Carrie was in search for hair and make-up for a special event, in looking for an all in one app where she could find who she needed at the time she needed them, she found none, so she decided to partner with her husband and create one that not only helped the people like her but also helped the businesses find their next client.

This is when they looked back at their time running an insurance office; they did not receive the tools or the support they needed to continue to be successful from the same management that promoted them.

Carrie and Sam understand what it takes to build, and run a team of independent contractors.  The support, tools, education, and reporting that it takes to be successful in business is much more than just a booking app and this is where CosmetoloGenie will make your wishes come true.

With 20+ years of sales and online marketing experience in many industries Sam can see some massive gaps in the services offered by the current leading apps of the cosmetology industry. This experience along with leading teams has trained him to spot both the customers and the businesses needs.


What People are Saying

Reviews & Ratings

“I was looking for a system that would let me create consent forms to send to new clients, and now I have found that system.”

"I love that I can send custom branded emails to my clients right from the app." 

"The fact that I could read reviews, and ratings made me feel confident when I found a new salon."

Victoria - Aesthetician

Julie - Hair Stylist

Cathy - Client


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